Thursday, 27 March 2014

I am silly

Okay in my last post I was moaning about trying to find some decent insoles to wear in my shoes after getting plantar fasciitis and talked about how I found some good ones on soupcan but didn't know where to get them from but turns out soupcan does point to some place called nuovahealth that doe sell soupcan insoles which is great and I must just be blind haha, A bit silly of me to be honest I spent like hours searching around trying to find a pair!

Anyway talking of which I think my plantar fasciitis is getting better what I am basically doing is not walking at all and just putting my feet up.. which iv never actually done before as I am always on my feet charging around doing stuff....which is probably why I ended up getting sore feet in the first place. I could really get used to all of this! Dunno when I will be ready to go back to work..... maybe I can drag on this as my excuse not to work for a couple more weeks what do you reckon?

Finding some good insoles for my PF

At the moment my feet are recovering from something that is called plantar fasdciitis dont worry I dont really expect you to understand what it is... its is something really painful if that helps! Anyway been looking online for some insoles to buy.. google now displays ebay listings with a image.. ebay must have paid a heck of a lot for that free feature that only effects ebay listings which is a bit unfair I wonder what the ftc will think about it, then again the ftc are only happy when big company's are happy like ebay.. PLUTOCRAT FREAKS. .. lol it is so funny how I go on a political rant even when im just talking about something like insoles. anyway moving on. So I went on ebay and just about all the insoles you find there are just cheap and nasty Chinese knock off then again everything on ebay is just cheap nasty stuff that is either second hand rubbish or from china and fallsapart the moment you use it.. so I thought it would be best to avoid ebay even though its like result after result on ebay and its quite hard to find anything google that isn't ebay! #soannoying I finally on like page 10 found some good quality insoles place called soupcan well they do make insoles but just as I think I found ones that look good I find out that they dont actually sell insoles on their site..... now I am trying to actually find a place that sells some. I will let you know when I have finally find some...

Why am I so bothered about buying some insoles anyway.. Like I said for my plantar fasciitis at the moment any weight I put on my arches hurts like crazy I tell ya! So when it is a little bit better I want to walk obviously and some arch supporting insoles will at least help carry some of the load whilst my arches rest and recover... if I didn't then the chances are il end up straining them again as they are much weaker at the moment and end up making things 100 times worse for my self.